About the project
MyFairShare is a pan-European research project that builds on the sufficiency principles to change mobility habits through individual mobility budgets.

Core Principles

The MyFairShare project is guided by three Core Principles. The first is that the challenge of transport emissions needs to be seen from a different perspective to be effectively addressed. The second is that fairness must be a fundamental value of transport systems. The third is that systemic change requires addressing not only the modes we use to move but the reasons we move in the first place.

1/3 Core Principles

Changing Perspectives: Focus on impact, not solutions

Despite all the regulations and new technologies designed to improve traffic flows, road congestion is only getting worse. Despite vehicles becoming more and more efficient, emissions are increasing and climate change is intensifying. (…)

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2/3 Core Principles

Accessibility for All: Mobility must be fairly shared

The idea of a mobility budget might at first seem counterintuitive. Isn’t mobility a human right? Aren’t we free to move wherever we want, whenever we want, and by whatever means we choose? Wouldn’t any attempt to restrict this freedom be unjust? (…)

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3/3 Core Principles

Shifting Needs to Move: Mobility is a spatial problem

As a species, we humans are defined by our mobility, by walking upright and migrating to every corner of the globe. Mobility has made possible the wealth and diversity of human cultures and economies, and our current era of globalisation would be unimaginable without it.(…)

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