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MyFairShare – Individual Mobility Budgets as a Foundation for Social and Ethical Carbon Reduction

About the project

MyFairShare is a pan-European research project that builds on the sufficiency principles to change mobility habits through individual mobility budgets.

MyFairShare combines and expands relevant knowledge, data and models to construct a scheme for fair distribution of individual mobility budgets and identifies effective policy strategies. The concept is tested in six different Living Labs varying by scale (community – municipal – (trans-)national) and scope (citizen level– transport management level – strategic development level). The resulting policy toolkits and guidelines support the introduction of socially acceptable mobility budgets on different governance levels, improving urban accessibility and transport equity.

Precursor and sister projects of MyFairShare

MyFairShare is based on the results of the exploratory research project mobalance which investigated the principle of sufficiency in mobility in the form of a mobility budget. The MyFairShare project partner AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology is also working on the project CARBON DIET that investigates the application of mobility budgets in the setting of companies.

JPI Urban Europe

MyFairShare is a JPI Urban Europe project selected within the ERA-NET Cofund Urban Accessibility and Connectivity (ENUAC) call. The ERA-NET Cofund Urban Accessibility and Connectivity (ENUAC) aims at creating and testing new solutions and approaches for sustainable urban mobility. MyFairShare is one of 15 projects selected within the ENUAC call.

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